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Template for cartesian handling systems V1.20.1

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Here the base template for cartesian handling systems for ctrlX AUTOMATION can be found. It is based on the ctrlX CORE release version 1.20.9 (RM23.03.9) and is not working on 2.6, because of several adaptions needs to bne made. It is including a PLC and a HMI project as well as configuration data and WebIQ widgets. It is created for the usage in injection molding machines. Please have a look to the "README.md" and "Basic-Hints-Template-Handling-v1-20-1.docx" for further information and instruction.

  • Axis/Kin configuration checking at startup of PLC program. Problems are shown in HMI.
  • Automatic load DC bus and switch drives to Ab
  • Last active recipe is automatically loaded at ctrlX CORE startup
  • Jog widget for single axes and kinematic (HMI menu item: Commissioning> Jog)
  • Display and force digital IO’s via HMI (Commissioning> Inputs/Outputs)
  • Template can be used without a kinematic (only with axes), too.
  • Table for editing teach points (Recipe/Teachpoints)
  • Predefined HMI languages: German, English and Turkish (Settings>General)
  • Communication check: HMI is locked if not connected to PLC
    (reasons: 1. security 2. some features are only working when PLC is running)
  • Alarm handling: Active, history and ctrlX CORE diagnostics. (Diagnostics)
  • HMI User Manager which allows to add, edit, delete… users (Settings>User Manager)
  • Responsive design (Min. requested resolution tablet)
  • PLC example code moving between 3 different points
    (Pos-Home, Pos-Mold-Up, Pos-User-10)
    See FB_Machine_Customer.mAutoPlc()
  • PLC example code to manage Python interpreter (create instance, start script, …)
    See FB_Machine_Customer.mAutoPython()
  • Recipe handling on PLC with Open, Save, SaveAs and Delete in mode Manual & Setup
    (Recipe) (PLC recipe structure stRecipe)
  • 3D viewer showing the moving kinematics
  • IDE Coding in iframe
  • Oscilloscope and chart graphics
  • Euromap interface prepared for OPC UA

  1. Download the archive "Base-Template-Handling-V1-20-1.zip" you can find below and unpack it to your engineering PC
  2. Follow instructions in "Basic-Hints-Template-Handling-v1-20-1.docx" to set up your ctrlX CORE accordingly
  3. Extract "PLC-Template-v1-20-1.projectarchive" with ctrlX WORKS
  4. Import "HMI-Template-v1-20-1.zip" with WebIQ runtime manager

  • These templates are made for the system version 1.20.9 (RM23.03.9) and the corresponding apps
  • Beware of moving mechanics when using automated motion commanding
  • The 3D-viewer is in standard always showing the demo model please check the documentation for how to set the corresponding path to another one

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