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How can I license WebIQ for ctrlX?

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How can I license WebIQ for ctrlX?

see below

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Re: How can I license WebIQ for ctrlX?

For WebIQ licensing via ctrlX license management, some special settings have to be made. Please read the following PDF document:
WebIQ Installation and Licensing settings for ctrlX” (PDF)

You can find the latest version of the document in the WebIQ download area of the Collaboration Room
How do I get access to the Collaboration Room? (see FAQ)


What licenses do I need for a WebIQ HMI project:



  • The ctrlX CORE based Designer license
    • can be configured optionally (see “WebIQ Installation and Licensing settings for ctrlX” in Collaboration Room)
    • requires an online connection to the ctrlX CORE (with activated WebIQ Server license)
  • The PC-based Designer license is based on a rental model with a term of one year
  • WebIQ Server licenses have no time limit
  • ctrlX PC licensing requires additionally
    • ctrlX WORKS installation on the target PC (for local PC licence administration)
    • Initial PC-registration in Licensing Center (UUID of the PC corresponds to the serial number of the ctrlX CORE in the Licensing Center)
  • There is only one WebIQ setup file for the PC-based Designer and Server installation
    • During installation special ctrlX WORKS settings must be made  (see “WebIQ Installation and Licensing settings for ctrlX” in Collaboration Room)


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Re: How can I license WebIQ for ctrlX?

I attached the current version of “WebIQ Installation and Licensing settings for ctrlX” (PDF)

One additional important hint: When you want to connect to WebIQ server running on ctrlX, you must create a special WebIQ Designer shortcut. This is described in the PDF, too. Alternatifely, just unzip "" and start included script "NewWebIQ-Designer-shortcut.vbs".