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Node-red certificate error

Node-red certificate error


Hi everyone👋,

I'm here for asking , when i try to install node-red aedes broker on ctrlX node-red but i get the this error.

the error is shown on the picture below


we have already try uninstall and install again but it's doesn't work, could it be the certificate issue?

thank you and appreciate your guidance if you are able to solve this issue! 😊





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Is the real time clock in your ctrlX set to the correct time/date?


Hi Joex,

yes we already change the time , but still have a same error.

By the way thanks for responding. 😊

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

In the ctrlX CORE - Node-RED App we are using as fixed setting "NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTH*". This is needed for our communication because the ctrlX CORE has a self signed certificate. Perhaps the node-red-contrib-aedes cannot work with this. We are going to check this.

In our tests we used a mosquitto broker up to now and it worked quite fine. You could for example use the the Cedalo - Eclipse Mosquitto MQTT Broker as installable app.

Thanks for your idea,

but i can't install the MQTT as wel, i have the error when install.

the error shown on the picture below



Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Like mentioned in the error code the app you try to install is not certified by rexroth so you have to allow installation from unknown sources.

ctrlX CORE app installation settingsctrlX CORE app installation settingsctrlX CORE app installation settings

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Community Moderator


@CodeShepherdyes you are right. That's what the error says and how you can work around this error. 

But the Cedalo - Mosquitto MQTT Broker App is signed by Bosch Rexroth and if you get the version from the here this should not be necessary. 

Best regards, 


Thanks for reply,

May i ask how to enable or disable the certificate?

so that maybe can solve the error.


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

You cannot enable or disable the certification in an app. Apps from our official store are always certified.

What you can do, like mentioned in my post above, to tel the ctrlX CORE to allow the installation from unknown source. That means apps without an certificate.