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MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is becoming the new standard in IoT for data distribution. Legacy client-server systems still work with client server principles, hence requiring the clients to constantly query the server for updates (“Pull” principle). Here, MQTT provides a new method and works as a publish-subscribe system. In this system, clients that would like to provide information can do so by publishing the messages to so-called topics on the broker.

On the other hand, clients that would like to receive certain information can subscribe to the broker for topics. As soon as a new message on a topic is published, the broker sends out the message to all clients that have subscribed to this topic (“Push” principle). Push systems work event-based and require fewer resources on the clients. Also, network traffic is drastically reduced, since messages are only sent when new data is available..

Dashboard Cedalo Mosquitto MQTT BrokerDashboard Cedalo Mosquitto MQTT Broker
In such an architecture, information providers and information receivers become decoupled. They do not have to know each other or their respective status. The broker instead handles the authentication of clients and knows their permissions, i.e., to which topics they should have access. In case a client gets lost, the broker will let subscribing clients know about the loss of a publisher. Likewise, clients can receive so-called retained messages after reconnection. MQTT is also very secure: All connections can be encrypted by TLS. Authentication can be done in various ways between brokers and clients, e.g., certificates, or passwords.

The broker is thus a centerpiece of such an architecture and Mosquitto is currently by far the most downloaded MQTT broker worldwide. Thousands of professional organizations worldwide rely on Mosquitto for a stable and safe publish/subscribe architecture for fast and reliable data messaging. Mosquitto is written in C which gives it a unique speed advantage and makes it extremely resource-efficient compared to competing products.

From now on, the Mosquitto MQTT Broker is also available as an app within the ctrlX platform. This way, your plc becomes also an MQTT broker! Any MQTT client can be used to publish or subscribe to freely definable topics on the broker. Mosquito on ctrlX provides a fast and easy way of connecting your PLC information by an MQTT broker to the outside world.

Dashboard Management Center ctrlX COREDashboard Management Center ctrlX CORE

  • Real-time capability
  • Fully supports MQTT V5 and V3.11
  • Full control over client permissions and access levels
  • Individually negotiable Quality of Service (QoS) for connections
  • Last will & testament, and retained messages for clients supported
  • Configuration as MQTT bridge possible
  • TLS encryption
  • Authentication by various methods, e.g. client-IDs/passwords, or certificate-based authorization
  • Graphical Management Center for Eclipse Mosquitto
  • Written in C, making it one of the fastest MQTT brokers available and optimized for minimal resource consumption in a PLC environment. 

Latest update and fixes for version 2.0
  • Increased performance by +40 - +60%
  • Enhanced IoT security by new dynamic security plugin and by changes in the broker's default configuration
  • Graphical Management Center to monitor traffic and access rights to the broker (ACLs)
  • New plug-in interface
  • Full MQTT5.0 support including bridging

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The Company

Cedalo GmbH is an IoT start-up based in Freiburg, Germany, that is truly devoted to Open Source. Our products constitute of Eclipse Foundation projects. Eclipse Streamsheets, the first product, is a no-code application platform which can easily subscribe and publish to data streams like MQTT or Apache Kafka. Business process users can build stream processing applications using a spreadsheet GUI and cell functions. A variety of diagram types provides fast dashboarding. Eclipse Mosquitto, the second product, is the most downloaded MQTT broker worldwide. Brokers orchestrate the data flow in modern IoT publish/subscribe architectures. Mosquitto excels in big installs on servers due to a high efficiency to handle a large number of parallel connections. However, its resource-friendly programming makes it ideal for usage on small ARM-based edge devices like the Raspberry Pi, as well.
Cedalo GmbH

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