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ACS2 servo drive controlled by motion (EtherCAT CoE): Power up error

ACS2 servo drive controlled by motion (EtherCAT CoE): Power up error



I use ctrlX Motion (EtherCAT CoE) to control Le-AutomatiX ACS2 servo drive.

When click power, the drive is actually powered up and goes into “run” mode without error, but motion report error:


From CoE Online data monitoring: we can see control word 0x6040 is set correctly, and drive feedback right status word 0x6041 without any error or toggle. Driver has no problem, so I think there is some problem with the Motion app reading drive status!


Please see attached detail information and deice xml file.


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Hello colleague,

There is another post with a similar problem :

try to set up the datalayer value for the diagnostic units to true to get more information :





Thank you for your reply!

I have checked all the similar issues on forum, but I do not the problems in these topics, so I start the new ticket.

Please see my attched "ACS2 Motion .docx".  In this document, I think I have provide all the necesary inframtion including set up the datalayer value for the diagnostic units to true.

If you need more information, please let me know! Thank you!

Sorry for the late reply. I will again try to find more information that can help you.

We have/had a bug in switching those drives to power. It will solved in the version 2.02 coming up end of July.

EDIT: We will implement an improvement of being able to work with 3rd party drives in version 1.20.1. See this post.

I know the root cause, and we have aready fixed the problem by changing the software of ACS2 drive, so it's not urgent for us to update Motion app.