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ctrlX CORE out of storage

ctrlX CORE out of storage

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My ctrlX CORE is at 0% available storage. I cannot seem to find a place that can show me what is using the storage (apps, data, logs, whatever). I suspect some of what is taking a lot of space is the logs (I had set up logbook persistance). My questions are:

1. Is there a place where I can see storage used by app or system service?

2. How can I flush the logs (I have turned off log persistance)?

Thank you!



Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Did you check if there are many apps in local storage? In the next release (RM21.11) there will be a function that shows storage allocation in more details.

I did uninstall a lot of the apps, but that did not clear space immediately. A while after that the free space went up, but I am not sure why (periodic logs flushing task ran and freed up space?) 

There are some functions which will occupy storage

  • loading apps to the loacal storage (different version of apps...)
  • install apps with different versions.
  • every install creates internal snapshots (max 3) for jumping back
  • backup create some temp data (still a bug at the version 1.10, that this temp data will not cleared if you have a backup error....)
  • ....

If you have uninstall apps at the next boot up the control makes a self storage cleaning (more or less succesful at this version) which will free some storage (e.g. deleting the internal snapshots, ...). Thats the reason why you see a went up of free storage after a while....

To start with a "virgin" system with the next release (V1.12 - RM 21.11) you have the possibility to install a system image.

Hope this explanation will clear some questionmarks. 🙂



Hi Jochen Mueller,

I have short memory and I want to know if there's some way to delete the things that occuped space, I don't see anything, I mean I deleted all the apps that I can, but I don't know where's the other files to delete them by example temp data from backups or snapshots, also I don't know where can I find the new version 1.12, could you help me?

I'm working with V1.10

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hello Jacks

Curently there is now way to delete the "internal" data I mentioned.

With the new release coming in december 2021 there is the possibility to make a factory reset via image update. With this all "internal" temp files/snapshots/... will be cleared.

The release will be available at the collaboration room probably next week...