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CtrlX safety engineering EDM element compilation error

CtrlX safety engineering EDM element compilation error


Hello, I have the following error after I delete EDM element from the functional scheme:


Could someone help me how can I fix it?

And I'm also interested if it is common that software works very slow when I add or remove elements? When I open wiring scheme it takes more than a minute to open the view. We've tried to install software to another laptop, but it was the same slow. Do we need maybe to install something else or to reinstall? I've tried different versions including the latest 8239 with no change of this behaviour.



I think I could find a solution. If I delete all EDM elements in the whole project then I don't have this compilation error. So if you need to delete one, you probably delete all and add one less back.

Hello OpconUser,

great that you found a way.

The explanation is that you have added one more EDM instances than are allowed.

  • Basically this should not happen, since the Engineering knows about the limitations. I will add an internal issue for this. Could you please add the Version of ctrlX SAFETY Engineering, your project, the SAFEX-C.1x type and the FW-Version?
  • Each instance has an ID according to the order or instantiation. To remove the error message you should remove exactly the last instantiated element, since the IDs are not re-ordered when you remove one of the others.
  • If you remove all elements, you achieve the same result, since the last one is removed as well.

@Dias : FYI, do you have more experiences?

Best regards

Your ctrlX SAFETY team