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Velocity mode missing Ctrlx

Velocity mode missing Ctrlx


I'm working on a project where I need to run a motor with a constant speed. I know that in IndraWorks there was a mode called velocity mode that could do this. I don't know if I'm missing something but I can't find this mode in the CtrlX libraries. Is it possible that this feature will be added later or is this feature removed? Thanks in advance.


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You may use CXA_PLCOPEN.MC_MoveVelocity to drive a constant velocity movement.

Before this, you have to:

1. In IO Engineering, config velocity command S-0-0036 in to MDT, config velocity feedback S-0-0040 in to AT;

2. In drive Engineering, set velocity control in secondary mode. S-0-0034.

3. In axisprofile config page of WebUI, link velocity command and feedback in to axisprofile.

4. Use MC_MoveVelocity to move velocity, motion will switch the axis to velocity mode internally, and switch back to position mode when you using MC_MovAbs/Rel and so on.

Thank you for your answer. I'm currently using a virtual core because the hardware hasn't arrived yet. Is it still possible to apply these changes even if I don't have the hardware yet?

Secondly, Previously it was possible to use velocity mode with only the axis interface. Why is it now only possible to use move velocity with the plcopen library? our previous experience with plcopen wasn't that great and that's why we used the axis interface up until this point.




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For virtual axis, no configuration is required. Just use the function block.

Axis inteface also suppot velocity mode in ctrlX.



I think I see where the problem is. When i add the library with the add library button the version I have is In the picture you send, I see that there the version is But how can I cet a newer version for this library because the add library will only install the version. Can I update the library manager to fix this?



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After I checked, ctrlX 1.12.x dose not support velocity mode yet.

The velocity mode support start from

  • MOT 1.14
  • AxisInteface 1.16.

However, 1.16 has not relase yet, the version will come very soon. So you can't use AxisInterface yet.

But firmware inferface is avialiable, that is CXA_Motion, you can take this way:

  1. Install ctrlX works 1.14.x
  2. update image of ctrlX CORE to 1.14.x
  3. install MOT1.14.x and PLC 1.14.x
  4. using CXA_Motion.ML_AxsVelocity() to create a velocity command on axis.

Example code like this:





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Community Moderator


please contact your Rexroth sales contact person, in order to get ctrlX MOTION V1.14. This version is actual under test and only available for registered customers for pre-series products. After you was released the software can be downloaded here in folder V1.14.

Best regards,


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Hello, Im using CntrlX Works 1.16 with the related Libraries. But Velocity Mode is still missing. (It's actually not possible in firefox or chrome to append an attachment) :'( Nice Regards Matthias

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Hello MAE

  • Start PLC Engineering 1.16
  • Create a new project (for virtual or real ctrlX)
  • Open library manager
  • Add library CXA_PLCopen
  • You can use the FB MC_MoveVelocity

If you still have problems give me privat message. Then we will make a teams session.






Hello Jochen_Mueller,

I use ctrlX PLC 1.12.3 and I add the PLCOpen libary.

But the libary is and there is no MC_MoveVelocity

Is there a possibility to update?


Is this the same reason why there is no status of actual velocity?

When using AxisInterface:

arAxisStatug_gb[1].Data.ActualVelocity => no data! Value remains "0"


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Community Moderator

As you can see in the picture above the version number is "1.16.x.x", it is part of the similar labled pre-release version of ctrlX PLC Engineering coming as part of ctrlX WORKS. Please see the FAQ for ctrlX WORKS how to get it.

Actual velocity can only be shown if it is known in the PLC via adding it to the cyclic data channel. See also this topic.