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Third party EtherCat servo drives CiA402 profile and ctrlX MOTION application

Third party EtherCat servo drives CiA402 profile and ctrlX MOTION application



recently we receive COREX-C-X3 controller with PLC, ETHERCAT and MOTION application. Is it possible to configurate third party EtherCat servo drive which support CiA402 profile to work in MOTION application. And if it is possible, how can we do this?

Thank You in adwance!


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Here are some setting for 3rd party CiA402 profile(with MOTION version 1.14 ). It would be some help.

            axis profile support for third-party drives(CoE protocol)

CiA402 is quite a flexible protocol, it defines many optional objects for object dictionary.

Thus, leads to a phenomenon, that different vendor implements same function with different objects.

To support more 3rd party brands, here are several attributes need to be set.


Fig. scaling attributes setting

1.scalingStrategy means the specific scaling strategy, the available value can be: SOE_STANDARD, COE_CALC_DRIVE, COE_CALC_CONTROL. It depends on the profile type .

        SoE profile: SOE_STANDARD available

        CoE profile: COE_CALC_DRIVE, COE_CALC_CONTROL available

COE_CALC_DRIVE strategy means scaling calculation processed on drive side.

COE_CALC_CONTROL strategy means scaling calculation processed on controller side.

Note: For now, COE_CALC_CONTROL is designed for 3rd party drives.

2.scalingType means the move type of the axis: LINEAR or ROTARY

3.numerator and denominator: define the scaling information together. (only available for COE_CALC_CONTROL strategy)

4.resolution: corresponding to encoder resolution. (only available for COE_CALC_CONTROL strategy)


  1. The scaling parameters (resolution) on the controller should be real encoder resolution.
  2. The scaling parameters setting on the controller side will only take effect when the COE_CALC_CONTROL strategy is selected.
  3. Currently COE_CALC_CONTROL scaling strategy only supports position mode.
  4. According to test result, axis profile can support Wittenstein/Inovance, other brands maybe also support, but need test for compatibility.





thank You for Your sugestions. I will test and post results.

Best regards


unfortunatli motion app on my contrller in version 1.12.5. I download motion app using controller app functionality.


How can I update motion app to version  1.14 to be able to test your sugestions?

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

To use this functionaltiy you have to use the version 1.14. This is a prototyp version where you can download here.

To get access to it you need some special rights. To get access please ask per email for it. The email formular you can find here.

By the way to use the motion app 1.14 you have to update the complete ctrlX CORE. The update procedure you find in the ReleaseNotes.




Thank You for Your support. I have manage to get the Motion app version 1.14 from our collegue from Romania office, but I will try to get access to the collaboration room too, for feture support. Currently I can confirm that Motion app version 1.14 work with 3d party device EtherCat device that we use: Xinje DS5C servo drive. I have manage to configurate Motion app Axis profile and have sucsess with Motion app Axis commisioning.

Best regards

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Has this been tested with Maxon motors? I'm using the IDX56 model which uses CoE. This tread above pointed me in the right direction to get everything in run mode but there still seams to be state machine issues that is causing faults. For example jogging while axis is decelerating causes an error. This seams to be not considered jogging the axis through the ctrlX Core web interface.
Also after power cycle the scaling information is going back to default. Must get overwritten by the Maxon drive?