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What are the different hardware options for ctrlX DRIVE?

There are the ctrlX DRIVE and ctrlX DRIVEplus hardware options available and with ctrlX CORE or even on ctrlX COREvirtual on your PC.

How is the engineering taking place?

A ctrlX DRIVE device is parameterized, engineered, monitored and serviced using the so called ctrlX DRIVE Engineering software. The ones who know the former IndraWorks Ds or IndraWorks Engineering versions will find it quite familiar and similar to these software. The engineering tool allows to obtain scope readings and detailed information about the actual status of the drive. 

How do I connect to a CNC, motion or PLC control or a ctrlX motion?

A ctrlX DRIVE can be commanded by a CNC, MOTION or PLC control via

  • Sercos
  • EtherCAT SoE
  • ProfiNet IO (beginning from 2021)

If using ctrlX motion the connection is using EtherCAT SoE.

The drive itself accepts cyclic torque, speed or position commands but allows as well drive interpolated positioning to a target position maintaining a certain speed, acceleration, deceleration and jerk.

How do you best command the drive if using a PLC control?

ctrlX DRIVE incorporates a so called interpolated positioning to a target position maintaining a certain speed, acceleration, deceleration and jerk. The data for target position, speed, acceleration, deceleration and jerk can be changed in every PLC cycle if needed.

Alternatively a movement with so-called pre-defined positioning block parameters can be used as well. This allows up to 64 independent positioning block movements to be executed.

Do you have a good way of knowing when the movement is finished?

In order to detect the execution of a movement the standstill or non-standstill of an axis is acknowledged via status bits which easily can be used inside the PLC.

Do you provide an oscilloscope tool for ctrlX DRIVE Engineering?

To enable an easy startup in using ctrlX DRIVE Engineering, we offer a simple tool to allow up to 8 different signals being stored in a scope file allowing to store up to 8192 points in each signal down to 0,25 ms resolution if running in single shot mode. If running in continuous mode signals are consecutively stored in a ring buffer down to a 2 ms level.

Can we change the operation mode of a ctrlX DRIVE under the motion?

A direct switchover of the operation mode (e.g. torque control, speed control, position control, drive internal positioning control, positioning block control mode) during motion is possible on the ctrlX DRIVE side. Up to 8 different operation modes are available but need to be pre-parameterized prior to switchover. The transition from the one to the other operation mode takes place in a drive-controlled way, if parameterized accordingly.


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