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WebIQ 1000 Tags license not working after temporary usage rights were active

WebIQ 1000 Tags license not working after temporary usage rights were active

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@CodeShepherd and @bostroemc 
Hello Guys,

I'm facing same situation. I activated "temporary usage rights" in license manager a long time ago and now, few months later with a "true" license I have same problem as yours...

So I tried to restore CtrlX Core from scratch to factory delivery status but I could not get rid of this problem 😖

No need to add screen shots since they are exactly same as already shown.


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Moved to own topic from this one. As the other topic was about 10 day trial license and yours temporary usage rights. These are two different mechanisms.

Are the temporary usage right currently active? Is your date and time correct?

Could you please share your ctrlX CORE serial number via private message with us, so we can have a look to it?

Please also confirm the material number and name of the license added.

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

The "temporary usage rights" have the bug for early versions, that the WebIQ license is not shipped correct. => no WebIQ license available.
Easiest solution to end the 10 day time: Run ctrlX for 10 day (it must be switched on, because it is not a date, but 10 day uptime)
Other solution: I heard from somebody that the changed the date multiple time. But no idea what they really did.


Thank you, I'll do it once back from business trip.

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

With ctrlX 1.12.8 and WebIQ 2.14.3 the WebIQ license is working within the "temporary usage rights".
It verified it with newer versions of ctrlX (1.20) and WebIQ (2.15.3), too. It is working too.
Always ensure, that date & time is correct on ctrlX CORE device.

@Nathanael please tell us which version of the ctrlX CORE system apps are installed? You could also create a system report and add it here (mentioned in second half of this post).


I made another try by uninstalling WebIQ App, then set the Core to correct Date and Time before rebooting.
I re-installed WebIQ App and now everything is operating well since license is properly seen in WebIQ manager.



Many thanks for your involvement and support.