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[OPCUA Pub Sub]Not able to load pubsub configuration

[OPCUA Pub Sub]Not able to load pubsub configuration


Dear ctrlX Team,

Now I would like to test the OPC UA Pub Sub Apps with my VirtualCore V1.20

While I tried to configure it in UAExpert, "Not able to load PubSub configuration from server" error is shown.
Is there any points that I am missing?

Thanks and BR,


Screen Shot 2023-05-31 at 06.41.02.png


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi Chris, 

The error "BadNodeIdUnknown" indicates, that a path to a Data Layer variable in your configuration can't be reached. Please check if both, the "Published Variable NodeId" from your writer can be found and also the "TargetVariableNodeId" from your reader can be found. 

A detailed manual on the ctrlX OPC UA Pub/Sub App can be found here. The docu also includes a sample on how to setup a configuration, maybe this could also help you. 

Best regards, 


New Contributor

I don't know if this applies to you or not, but be aware of a known issue with OPC UA Pub/Sub App 1.20.1:



In my case I was not able to source UaExpert 1.7.0, so I downgraded both Pub/Sub and Server apps to version 1.18.x, configured the connections using UaExpert 1.6.3, then restored the latest versions of Pub/Sub, Server (1.20.x). 

Thanks for your message and let me check the manual first..!

Thanks bostroemc!

I also can not found the 1.7.0 of UaExpert 😅and I will try you method to use the 1.18x of Pub/Sub and Server apps to test it again!

Let me feedback to you later!


the version 1.7.x of the UA-Expert is availabel since the end of August.