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IDE App example with warnings and errors

IDE App example with warnings and errors

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Hello ,

finally I got the textual code running but I always get these error while running it. I just took the example from the video description I found on our community and changed the axis an kinematic name in the python code ( see attached screenshot )


1. Could you help me to understand while I got the error while running the code ?

2. In the videodescritption the option " Launch python in script engine" is shown to be selected. And if I got it right in the video is selected the engine that was created before using the visual code programmig. Is there a way to start the textual pythion code directly without having to use the visual code before to generate the engine ?

3. Is it possible to start the Textual python code from outside the IDE app ?

4. Is it possible to start the textual python code from the Indralogic PLC App ?? How ??

Many Thanks



Many Thanks


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Community Moderator
  1. A) Picture 2021-10-13_12h16_34.png shows warnings because you are commanding a robot without jerk limits but some are inserted in your motion side:

    B) The error in picture 2021-10-13_12h15_59.png seems to show that someone commanded a stop to the kinematic from outside the script. See error code 0C270309 in the online documentation.

  2. Yes, simply type something the line and an instance with that name will be created.

  3. Yes, via the ctrlX Data Layer interface.
    See this post how to do with YARC.
    See this post how to do with Node-RED.
  4. See this post how to do with PLC.