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10-day "Temporary usage rights" with RM21.11

10-day "Temporary usage rights" with RM21.11

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Before applying my purchased licenses to my ctrlX CORE I wanted to see what is possible if the 10-day temporary usage rights is switched on. This allowed me to use Motion, IDE, Node Red without licence. But PLC and EtherCAT still showed the "not licensed" message, so I could not do anything with these critical apps. Is this a bug, or is it really the case that there will not be a trial period for those apps?

Best regards,



Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi Brian,

are you talking about the Trial License you activated in the Licensing Center?

Please send some screenshots / more information. 

Cheers, Pedro

Hi Pedro,

I'm sorry for the confusion, I meant to say "10 day" not "10 hour". I will edit the original message after this reply. This is activated in the licensing area of the ctrlX CORE. Please see screenshots below.

Best regards,








After following path above, Motion is working (for example), but PLC and EtherCAT are still blocked:











Hi Brian,

thanks for the additional information, now I understood.

The temporary usage rights are kind of an emergency mode, and can only be activated once. This should also include licenses for the ctrlX EtherCAT Master and PLC App. I've opened a ticket to solve that. Sorry for the inconvenience.

But, have a close look under the christmas tree... 🙂 You should really use the Trial License for your use case which you already have within the Licensing Center, and can assign to your device (map entitlement). I double-checked that, both PLC and EtherCAT Master app licenses are included.

Hope I could help, if not give me a sign.


Hi Pedro,

Thank you, I will check into the trial license in the Licensing Center. Good to know PLC and EtherCAT Master will be added to temporary usage. I think this feature will be used quite frequently until more people get familiar with the Licesning Center.

Best regards,


hi pedroReboredo

I have another problem about the 10-day "tempprary usage rights".I have a new ctrlx core and purchased licenses .

first,I applying apart of licenses and it's ok.

secondy,I enable the 10-day "tempprary usage rights"

third,I appying all of license,then,an error is occur,following screenshot is error message:


then refresh web ,web display the following message:


meanwhile, three more license in license file:


then,reload system is necessary and cann't applying all of licenses again(because the same error will be occur)

now,can i applying  all of licenses again until may 3.022 only(temporary usage rights end date)?Is there any other solutions?

thanks for your support.

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

@LZT I will get in contact with you directly and we will investigate this.

Please don't mix up the two different possibilities of getting temporary licenses:

  1. Temporary usage rights can be activated once each hardware e.g. for exchange purposes. The time will start in the moment you click the button in the ctrlX CORE:
    activate temporary usage rightsactivate temporary usage rights

  2. Trial licenses can be found via the licensing center and can be used several times. Like on your screenshot. Their time is running from the moment on you download the license from the portal:


thanks for your answer.

enable the temporary usage rigths was a unexpected operation,it won't happan again!

it has been sloved temprorarily,

thanks for your support again