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ctrlX SAFETY engineering

ctrlX SAFETY engineering


Where can I found the download for ctrlX SAFETY engineering? Is it automaticly inside ctrlX WORKS?



Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hello StefWi,

since the SAFEX-C.1x products are not yet in General Sales state the access is controlled via Collaboration Room.

To get there ...

  1. Click that link ctrlX AUTOMATION - Collaboration Rooms | Bosch Rexroth AG.
  2. A login-dialog is displayed.
  3. Either you have a Bosch ID already you can access the collaboration room and search for a directory called "ctrlX SAFETY".
    1. If you find it, you can enter the "SAFETY_Engineering-Apps" directory and download the provided versions of ctrlX SAFETY Engineering.
    2. If you don't find that, you do not have the necessary access rights. Please apply for them with your Bosch Rexroth Sales contact who will link your E-Mail address registered with your Bosch-ID through to the DC-AE/PRM product management. The responsible product manager will add your ctrlX SAFETY role within 24 hours.
  4. If you don't have a Bosch ID please use the login dialog and register for the Bosch-ID
    1. After that follow the above procedure

Finally you arrive in the collaboration room, where you have access to two main sections:

  • SAFETY_Runtime-Apps (say certified firmware releases, including relevant device description files)
  • SAFETY_Engineering-Apps (ctrlX SAFETY Engineering releases)
  • SAFETY_Templates are not filled, yet.


HTH StefWi 😊

Best regards

Your ctrlX SAFETY Team


Hello all!,

This description is

  • not only valid for ctrlX SAFETY Engineering  and
  • SAFEX-C.1x Firmware + Device description files

Due to the non-synchronous update cycle these software components are

  • not provided through ctrlX WORKS for the time being but
  • through a separate section of the ctrlX AUTOMATION Collaboration room

The previous post explains how to get there! (BTW: Outdated link is corrected!)

Best regards

Your ctrlX SAFETY team