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Kinematic Blending

Kinematic Blending

New Contributor

I had a play with the Kinematic blending and Absolute moves ML_KinMoveLinAbs. The blending does not seem to have as many options as the MLC Robot control V2. 

In particular, I can't see how to do the equivalent of "ST_CONTINUOUS_SLOPE" from MLC Function Block MC_MoveLinearAbsolute. This is where a spline is used to blend between two motions. Is this mode possible at the moment on CtrlX? If not, is this planned for the future?

I have a customer who uses this MLC mode with small moves and small blending radius (0.01mm) to move their machine along a curved path.

With CtrlX, If I put small radius values into the D1 and D1 parameters of ML_KinMoveLinAbs on CtrlX and turn on the blending, the motion just stops between moves, even if the moves are in a straight line. I have to make the D1 and D1 quite large (10mm) to get the blending to ride through without slowing down too much. See attached document. I assume this behaviour is similar to the MLC ST_BLOCK_SLOPE mode. 





ctrlX Motion currently only supports blending block slope where two moves are executed simultaneously. The equivalent for blending continuous slope with a spline is planned for 2021.

Is the block slope blending function included in the base level Motion license? 

Is the planned spline blending going to be included in the base level Motion license?

Or will my customer need to purchase the Cartesian Robotics license for one or both of these?

As of now you will need the Motion In App Cartesian for blending functionality. Doesnt matter if block or continuous slope.

But better check it again with your sales contact before ordering.

Is there any update on this topic? Looks like Continuous Slope was implemented.

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Please have a look to the official documentation for the features of the ctrlX CORE - Motion app.

See this post (simply found by searching blending here in the community) for information about continuous blending.