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Downloading IO Configuration with Motion in Running causes apps to crash

Downloading IO Configuration with Motion in Running causes apps to crash

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Since updating my demo to 2.04, I am seeing that the Core crashes when I download my ctrlX IO Engineering configuration. It is related to the Motion state. If the Motion is in Running state when I do the EtherCAT download, the crash happens. If I first go to Configuration Mode with Motion and then download EtherCAT I have no problems. In the past this was handled automatically, or at least did not cause a crash. I see it with both of my X3’s, even with a fresh system image and only the EtherCAT and Motion apps installed.

Basic sequence starting from fresh image and EtherCAT and Motion apps installed:

  • Add EtherCAT master instance
  • Make new IO Engineering project, add drive to project
  • Download IO Engineering project, no problems, EtherCAT goes to OP
  • Add Axis Profile in Motion app. Map minimum data to drive added above.
  • Switch Motion from Configuration to Running, no problem
  • Download IO Engineering project again: Core crashes. See screenshots below.

At that point I have to reboot the Core. Sometimes it takes 2 reboots to make it happy. 





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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

As we are not able to reproduce your error, could you switch on motion and EtherCat traces and create a system report in error case? See how to.

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Hello ,

I had the same situation. The only way to avoid this for me is to put the Machine in Setup and make sure the EtherCat master is in INI. I also stopped the PLC