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Import I/O Modular Device Profile

Import I/O Modular Device Profile

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I tried this method, and it does work, but not for every device. I have a device under my EtherCAT Master is ctrlX I/O Engineering which is configured using MDP (Modular Device Profile). For some reason, when I save the EtherCAT configuration to a file and import that file in ctrlX PLC Engineering, the device is not shown. If I add the device using fixed profile, it works correctly.


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Update: Moved to own topic from this one.

We will check that again.

Could you send us an ctrlX IO Engineering project export as an example?

Yes, here is the export file. The devices in question are the Festo modules.

Thanks a lot and sorry for the confusion but I was talking off a project archive. There also the device descriptions can be included so we can have a better look.

Ok, no worries. I think I did not receive a notification of your reply because this was created as a new topic now. Regardless, here is the archive. I am noticing also that the SAFEX-C12 is not appearing in the offline import either.

I opened your project archive and transmitted data offline like described here (what you already tested). Could you please point out what is missing? On a first look all commissioned data is available.

ctrlX IO Engineering datactrlX IO Engineering datactrlX PLC Engineering realtime datactrlX PLC Engineering realtime data

That's very interesting. My results are not the same. When I try for the offline import in ctrlX PLC Engineering, this is all I see:


The SAFEX_C12 and Festo_ValveBus are not there. This must be a bug, no? I am on V1.18 of both I/O and PLC.

Should we have a direct meeting to go through the steps and see where something could get lost? Then please send a private message with your contact data.

In a meeting we found that in ctrlX PLC Engineering the real time data view needed to be changed from Data Layer to I/O view. Then everything could be imported correctly.

ctrlX PLC Engineering switch real time data to Data Layer viewctrlX PLC Engineering switch real time data to Data Layer view          ctrlX PLC Engineering switch real time data to IO viewctrlX PLC Engineering switch real time data to IO view