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Ctrlx Can-Module

Ctrlx Can-Module


Hello , 


Will the Ctrlx provided with a CAN-Module in the future ? 

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Hello Mesut,

there are currenty no plannig for an CAN Interface for ctrlX I/O.

What kind of application needs this functionality?

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I know this is a rather old thread.

We have customers who would need a CAN module (CANOpen, J1939, among other commonly used mobile frameworks) to test their valves using hardware that would typically be used to run their valves. These valve drivers most commonly use CAN for communication with the ERC.

I would be nice to have a single package that allows us to fill these needs, there are other solutions of course. It is always better to have a single I/O setup.

Hello Thomas ,

Its for a mobile crane that works with Elion rexroth inverter , as i have only CAN Interface on the Elion inverter i must use CAN on CtrlX , other option is to use a CAN to Profinet Converter , but the customer don't like to work with converters .. 

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We build sawmill equipment, we use Sure Grip Controls for operator controls, and like JoshS said we use hyd valve drivers that communicate vs J1939.

See attached example of a joystick that we use on our machines, this joystick has 21 buttons and X-Y axis proportional control. Using CANbus we need only 5 wires for this joystick, instead of 21 digital inputs, and 2 analog inputs when hardwired back to the PLC.

It would be nice to have a single PLC instead of an additional CAN to Ethernet Bridgeway.

Hello , 

i see that there is a RS-485 module for the CtrlX Core , but i think this is not for CAN ? .

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I had a lot of success with this adapter. I read then decoded the CAN data over serial in Node-RED. I will link a post on the subject when it is published.


This adapter is also supported at the device driver level, but requires a lot more software overhead and is probably not feasible for most customers at this point.


Hi , 

Thanks for sharing your solution , but i prefer the CAN  direct on the CtrlX , usb is not so robust connection .


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Like mentioned above there are no plans for a CAN IO on ctrlX CORE.