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Issue in Establishing Connection to ctrlX DRIVE Plus in CoE mode

Issue in Establishing Connection to ctrlX DRIVE Plus in CoE mode

New Poster

I am successfully able to establish connection with ctrlX DRIVE plus when drive master communication setting is kept SoE.

I am refering below steps during communication establishment.

But when i change drive master communication to CoE and follow the same steps. Drive is not showing in scan. Please refer the attachement.


Runtime: FWA-XD1-AXS-V-0316N-NN-00.fwa

App: EtherCAT Master 1.20.0

ctrlX DRIVE Engineering: 01V22.0


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

For the connection way via the "Control Unit" tab you do not need to set up EoE. Only if you like to use the "IP address search". I will check the guide.

Could you

  • provide a parameter file of your drive with all parameter in the error case? This would be helpful for us to check the drive settings.
  • provide a screenshot of set routes using "route print" in console, so we can check the correct settings
  • delete route, change subnet mask of EoE master and slave to, and add it new
  • ping to check if EoE master is even reachable
  • try to scan via "IP address search"

We will do some tests and answer here again.

We could reproduce the behaviour that drives cannot be found via the "Control unit" tab when the fieldbus communication used is set to CoE.

EDIT: For your information the connection method "Control unit" is based on SERCOS IDs and so is not available when drives are in CoE communication mode.

EoE is working fine for all usecases so feel free to use the "IP address search" or use the "ctrlX AUTOMATION" tab in combination with the DriveConnectApp.