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Oscilloscope 1.18 issue with RT data configuration

Oscilloscope 1.18 issue with RT data configuration

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I'm trying to configure an oscilloscope in the Oscilloscope app to view position data from my Indradrive I have connected. I can see the data in the motion tree under NRT data, but I need RT data in order to see anything meaningful. However, when I look in the NodeRT tree and check the Motion tree and the Fieldbus tree, I don't see any data options to select for the scope. All the boxes are greyed out and when I expand them, they don't show me any options.



If I look in the Data Layer under the Fieldbus tree, I can see the realtime data I am looking for. Why can't I assign that to my oscilloscope as well.





1. Regarding the problem of not being able to read the RT signals of Motion: It is because the Motion APP does not take the initiative to open the RT signal node. If you want to read the RT singals of motion(such as position and speed), you need to activate this function through the Motion REST API. Specifically please see the attachment for the activation method.

The effect after activation is as follows:


2. The realtime node of the fieldbus cannot be expanded on the Oscilloscope interface, This maybe the RT signal function of the Fieldbus also needs to be activated or the data type of the fieldbus RT singal is not support by Oscilloscope.

As you mentioned in the Data Layer you can see the data under the fieldbus node, what you see here is NRT data, not RT data.

Hope the above can help you!