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Ethercat licence missing : "0C0F0000;0C71E7F0"

Ethercat licence missing : "0C0F0000;0C71E7F0"


Randomly I get this error code telling me that I lost the Ethercat Licence "0C0F0000;0C71E7F0" .


When I double check the licence in the licence editor of ctrlXCore I can see the the licence is still active.

I am using ctrlXworks 14 with app version 12.

Is it a probelm?

the version of the ethercat app is 1.12.4

Nb: I have somtimes the same probelm with the plc licence.

Thank you very much for your help.



Community Moderator
Community Moderator

You should use all apps and software of the same release e.g. official long term service version 1.12 that can be found via the store.

Could tell us some more about your setup? Is it a ctrlX COREvirtual set up with ctrlX WORKS 1.14?


I have similar problems and can report about the same fault. 

Regarding to your problem with the loss of the Ethernet license, I got the same problem. But I fixed it with the update from version 1.12 to 1.16. Since the update I never lost the ECAT License again.

But loss of PLC license still happens in version 1.16. Mainly with a high utalization of the core. When I am not able to operate the browser application (Because its very slowly)  and the ctrlX core switches to service mode and then it loses the plc license. After a reboot the license is back and the Core is able to run.

Here is my app setup. 


When the plc license is lost it is still in the license menu but but in the plc menu it says: no license available

Hello i find the problem.


On my side is not a app version issue.

The problem appear when i send a movement on kinetic with acceleration default values.

If i change values 0 problem. Really strange.

Best regards

Could you tell/send us the command code, that causes that error? And the one that does not.

Hello, yes of course.

See screen shot.

If i comment the red square, reboot CtrlX and try to send the command => error PL/Ethercat licence missing.




@BertrandElogia I cannot reproduce this behavior in version 1.12 and 1.16 so in your case I still would suggest that is a problem in mixing the versions of 1.12 and 1.14. Please follow my suggest and only use one release version e.g. 1.12 as it is the long term service version.

@NiceGuy In your case like you mentioned it could be that when ctrlX CORE is at maximum load the realtime framework crashes an partially reboots the system. Some of the apps will not boot up correctly under this conditions.

Then please improve the self- reboot of the system 😉





Community Moderator
Community Moderator

It is a crash no real reboot but we are working on the robustness of our system.

Ok thanks you @CodeShepherd 

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Hi all,

I´ve been facing a similar issue - should I create an issue ticket with all logs etc.?

I only run Visual code sequence with NodeRed app and after while PLC license gets "lost".

This is concerning issue related to reliability of the system. Hopefully you´ll find the reason soon.

Thx, Pavel