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Can apps be installed on micro-SD card?

Can apps be installed on micro-SD card?

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Because of the internal memory size of ctrlX CORE, is it possible to install "big size apps" on micro-SD card? Is there any limitation of that?



Community Moderator
Community Moderator

not yet.

But in the future it is planned to use external data storage (e.g. SD-card) to store backups or to extent the internal storage.

finishing date open 

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When will this be available?

Currently it is planned to realize this feature for RM 21.11.

Hi @Jochen_Mueller 

For the latest update 22.07, can we already install apps on a micro-SD card?

This feature got delayed because of prioritization and is actually planned for version 1.18 (RM22.11) coming up end of November.

Can we install apps on standard sd-card with the latest update 22.11?

That's the situation with the version 1.18:

Data extension notes V1.18 / RM22.11

  • USB devices should be used too.
  • No Apps can be installed at the extented storage. (only at the internal memory!)
  • for every installed app a secured area will be created at the data extension (only the own app has access to this area)
  • will be formated (EXT4) and encrypted (needs a reboot) in the service state (safe state) - depending on the size it takes time
  • SD-card (and USB-device): max size is (32GB???).
  • can only be used at this device. Any plug out and plug in will start a new formatting and new data encryption with new formating (deleting existing data)and encrytion