Licensing of a Dongle

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This article will explain how you can add licenses to your license dongle.


To license a dongle make sure that the dongle is from Bosch Rexroth, as this holds our license logic.

  • The dongle is a SD card that can be purchased empty or with pre-installed licenses (configure in the ctrlX Configurator).
  • The dongle is available without additional memory or with 8 GB of memory for storing data, e.g. image, backup, ctrlX setup files, ...
  • Every purchased dongle will be automatically registered in the ctrlX Device Portal by Bosch Rexroth.
  • Log in to your ctrlX Device Portal account. It is created automatically after the purchase of license products. Access your devices and licenses there.
  • Need help logging in or can’t find your device? Check the service request here.
  • After adding licenses to a dongle you can move it between devices and the licenses stay onboard the SD card.
Licensing a dongle
  • Go to the ctrlX Device Portal
  • Go to devices and select the dongle you would like to license
  • Assign licenses to the dongle
  • Download licenses file
Upload of License file to dongle

You have two options:

1. Via PC through ctrlX WORKS:

  • Plug in the dongle into your SD card holder.
  • Start ctrlX WORKS.
  • Go to Settings > Licenses.
  • Upload License file (capability response).
  • The dongle will be automatically identified as target for the licenses.
  • Remove SD Card and plug into e.g. a ctrlX CORE or leave in PC for Engineering apps.

2. Via ctrlX CORE:

  • Plug the dongle into your ctrlX CORE.
  • Start up the ctrlX CORE and connect to the UI.
  • Go to Settings > Licenses.
  • Upload License file.
  • The dongle will be automatically identified as target for the licenses.
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