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WebClient connection to WEBIQ

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WebClient connection to WEBIQ


I saw the number of WebClients connect to WebIQ for each license is 2 WebClients.
So, meaning at each time there is only 2 users who use the web browser can access to the server? Is it right?

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Re: WebClient connection to WEBIQ

Hello, please have a look here: WEBIQ_License dep on tags and clients 

Notes on WebIQ licensing

WebIQ Server licenses
Three server licenses with 150, 500 and 1K tags are currently available for WebIQ licensing on the ctrlX CORE.
These licenses include 2 web clients (web browser connections) and 2 IO handlers (OPC UA connections).

WebIQ add-on licenses
Add-on licenses are available for additional web clients and additional IO handlers:
WebIQ Server license for 3 additional Web Clients
WebIQ Server license for 3 additional IO Handlers

Flexible license handling
Licenses can be combined and activated on the ctrlX CORE as desired,
e.g. WebIQ Server license with 500 tags + 150 tags + 150 tags + 3 web clients + 3 web clients.
Resulting functionality: 800 tags + 8 web browser connections + 2 OPC UA connections.

The upper limit for process tags, web clients and IO handlers depends on the load of the controller.
Please note that the upper limit of 1000 tags should not be exceeded for performance reasons.

WebIQ Designer licensing
The WebIQ Designer software on a Windows PC is required to create the HMI projects. 
The Designer license is part of the WebIQ Server licenses on the ctrlX CORE.



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Re: WebClient connection to WEBIQ

Yes, each installed WebClient license means a active user/session