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Help snapping a Docker image

Help snapping a Docker image

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I could use some guidance on creating a snap of a docker image as the process isn't very straightforward and I'm already at least halfway through. Let me begin by stating what I have done so far.

The app was already developped and I followed a process to create a Docker image. To accomplish that, I installed Docker Engine on Ubuntu22 (running as VM on VMware hosted on Windows PC). The image is built.

I cloned the ctrlX SDK github repo on the Ubuntu VM. I need to create snap of the image and the application manual I was reading references some scripts to do that, but I cannot find them. The how-to video from @Sgilk alludes to configging the snap with YAML files using VS Code. I ran the script and now.....I need to install VS Code itself, correct?



Hi @AutomateSHANE ,

VS Code is simply the text editor I chose to use for development. You could use whatever you'd like, although I do personally recommend VS Code.

I would suggest starting with the example I provide on my Github. This way you can see how the application is structured and use the video as a reference.


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Thanks for the quick reply, Sam! So the scripts referenced are the ones in the repo of the example. I see. I'll take a deeper dive into it and see what I can make work. 

No problem! Here is another simpler example for reference.

The script is only used for configuring a build environment for .NET development. It has nothing to do with snapping the docker image provider applications. You'll mainly be interested in modifying the snapcraft.yaml and docker-compose.yml files to suit your needs.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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I've taken a look at several samples now and a lot of references across different sites. I have a slightly better understanding of how this all pieces together, but I'm still quite lost on my next steps. Honestly, the 'How-To' here doesn't have any 'how'. It is a great show-and-tell and general introduction, but those of us who are new to Docker and have self-taught software skills need a bit more than just finished examples that must be reverse engineered. There's way too many pieces to this puzzle. 

@AutomateSHANE ,

There are way too many pieces of the puzzle to make a comprehensive How-To that isn't multiple hours long. The scope of the video was a tutorial on deploying a container on the ctrlX Container Engine application. Each application will require unique configuration, so only a few examples could be shown.

It was not meant to be a comprehensive tutorial on snapcraft, Docker or other software development concepts. See the "Useful Links" section of the article for more information on those puzzle pieces.