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Add an external js library to the python-webserver

Add an external js library to the python-webserver



I'm playing with the webserver from the sdk and i would like to add the external library chart.js to create graphics

I downloaded the library locally with :




npm install chart.js






And i changed my snapcraft.yaml


I can build it, but the library works only when i debug from my laptop but not on the X3 (Ubuntu core 22)

Do i miss something or it exist another way to do it ?

Thank you in advance for any help







You are missing some steps. The NPM plugin is used to install directly a full nodejs project starting from a package.json. This is snapcraft. 
if you want to do npm install and then copy the files in the snap then you should use the dump plugin.

Thanks Mauro for your help,

I changed my snapcraft.yaml :



    plugin: dump
    source: ./node_modules
    source-type: local
      'package-assets/*': package-assets/${SNAPCRAFT_PROJECT_NAME}/



  and i import it like that in the index.html



        <script src="./parts/chartjs/src/chart.js"></script>



After the build, it works when i run the webserver on my pc but it doesn't work when it's snapped the CtrlX3. Is my src wrong ?

Thanks again


Hi @Felix_ ,

Are you building on amd architecture? If so, you likely need to specify the arm version of the chart.js package to be staged with the app.

See this example and the comments around installing npm packages.

I think he is building a frontend and serving chartjs :). The architecture is not the problem (YET)

So @Felix_  you're almost there 😁. Where did u copy this code? it is almost right. 
This code is doing what you want to do: copy all the node modules in the snap!

    plugin: dump
    source: ./node_modules
    source-type: local
      '*': $SNAP/bin/node_modules


and i import it like that in the index.html

How are you serving? if the server is in the $SNAP/bin/

i would first "cd $SNAP"

then start the server and then probably the chartjs should be here: 

        <script src="./node_modules/chartjs/src/chart.js"></script>




Thank you for the quick reply, I see where is the mistake but i don't understand how fix it :

My library Chart.js is installed via npm. Following the documentation, I integrate it with this path 


      <script src="./node_modules/chart.js/dist/chart.umd.js" defer></script>


However, when i run the server i get  :


Means that my path isn't correct but i'm pretty sure it's the correct one :


Do I have to modificated the from the webserver ?
Thanks again 



I personally don't know how that works but seems you have to fix the paths

@Felix_ ,

You are on the right path with the It is only set up to serve assets from the /www directory. You'll want to copy your node_modules into /www if you intend to use the existing request handler. 

The function get_www_path() in also doesn't handle nested directories. It expects all files that are served to be in the top level of /www. I made a couple of changes to that function to allow nested directory file serving, but this will require you to remove all path prefixes.


    def get_www_file_path(self, relative_path):
        """def get_www_file_path(self, relative_path):

            relative_path (string): relative path

            str: result path
        # relative_path: 'www/xxx' or '/python-webserver/stylesheet.css'

        if len(relative_path) <= 0:
            relative_path = self.path

        print("get_www_file_path relative_path: ", relative_path)

        rel_www_path = "/www/" + relative_path

        snap_path = os.getenv('SNAP')

        result_path = os.getcwd() + rel_www_path if snap_path is None else snap_path + rel_www_path

        print("get_www_file_path result_path:", result_path, flush=True)

        return result_path


There are a few in index.html and also in

For example...



<link rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css">


path = self.get_www_file_path('index.html')


Hi @Sgilk

Thanks for the explanation, I realized that when I debug from the web server running from my PC it doesn't import and structure the files like a snap application. That's why I was able to use the library in the first method and not snapped