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Remote PLC Connection With VPN

Remote PLC Connection With VPN

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I am using a VPN to program/maintain a remote PLC program. This is working for going online. However, when I am online I am intermittently kicked off the remote device. Is there a parameter to allow for a longer communication timeout when connected with the PLC? 


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Community Moderator

Interesting issue. Haven't tried this before.


  • Do you do the access via the DevicePortal?
  • Or do you make the VPN connection manual via the VPN app?

Maybe a saved configuration will be helpful...

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Direct connection with the VPN. 

Hi aFouraker,

just tested it with version 1.12 via a vpn connection europe <-> australia and back.

Ping from my engineering pc to the control was arround 515ms.

Worked fine as you can see in the video screenshot, video was not possible to upload.

Is it maybe another issue, maybe the vpn connection is interrupted, did you check the logbook?



Hello everyone,

Have you tried to use the VPN client functionality and the CtrlX DRIVE Engineering as well? I've been using the VPN feature with no problem to access the CtrlX-Core, but when I use the CtrlX DRIVE Engineering I can not discover the Drive.

Should I configure something on my windows Wi-Fi network (for the IPv4) ?

Any hint would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

Hi GustavoTaffarello,

there are some things you have to think of.

1. Activate EoE for the Drives and the EtherCAT Master (Pic1)
2. Enable IP forwarding for the Interfaces (Pic2)
3. Tell your PC with a route how the EtherCAT network ( can be reached (Can be done automatically, by clicking the icon on the webpage, or manually with the command line) Pic 3 and 4








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Hello CodeCaptain

In china I uesd remote control box(OrayBoxR300A) like VPN,but I can't connect ctrlx core ,even though i have Enable IP forwarding for the Interfaces.

I used ctrlx works 1.14. I want to know what should i need to setting?




Hello Max, 

Ok the VPN is installed on the OrayBoxR300A? or it provides just the internet connection?