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In-line ctrlX IO not active when Ethernet/IP configured

In-line ctrlX IO not active when Ethernet/IP configured

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I have a project configured on a CORE X3+ with in-line EtherCAT ctrlX IO (XF50) as well as Ethernet/IP to a camera device (XF51/eth1).  I can talk to both of these individually.
However, when the Ethernet/IP is active, the in-line ctrlX IO cards no longer respond. The cards are still in run state, but without any IO or indicators lighting.
Dashboard and IO Engineering say EC is running without error. ETH/IP and EC are configured on different subnets. I can still talk to the camera through E/IP without problems.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Could you please confirm that you are using:

  • a ctrlX IO bus coupler connected to EtherCat port XF50 with some ctrlX IOs attached to it
  • CodeSys fieldbus communication package for using EtherNet/IP via port (XF51/eth1)

Could it be that there is a doubled input address range of the ctrlX IOs on the EtherCat and the Camera on Ethernet/IP? As each of the communication line has its own setting and does not necessarily know what the other side is set to.

To clarify the ctrlX IO is connected directly in-line to the CORE X3+, with EtherNet/IP via port (XF51/eth1).
The issue has been resolved, there is a bug with version of the Ethernet/IP Scanner, downgrading to allows the ctrlX IO to function normally while the Ethernet/IP device is running.

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I have got the same problem as you. I have got ctrlX Core X3 connected via XF50 to ctrlX BusCoupler with DI16 and DO16. I have also got the Ethernet/IP Scanner (Version with EFC5610 with MultiEthernet Card connected via XF51.

The Ethernet/IP is working, I can control the EFC via PLC App.

The IO's are not working. I can set the output via PLC App but nothing happens. The output is still FALSE. I also checked the DataLayer - it is working, I can set an output to TRUE and there is 24V and the LED is present. So there are some problems with setting the outputs via PLC App.

We can't find version in the Collaboration Room. The version is now also unavailable, it isn't there. We downloaded it on 27.01, then is was there...

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

@Filip_K We removed the version because of some problems that were found. was not evaluated by Rexroth R&D and so is not available in the collaboration room. if you need a later version then please get in contact with CodeSys directly. Is there a reason for you to use a later version?