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EtherCAT Master Topology not OK after connecting CytroPac as EtherCAT slave

EtherCAT Master Topology not OK after connecting CytroPac as EtherCAT slave

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I am currently testing the EtherCAT Master communication with my ctrlX CORE.

Here is my setup:

My ctrlX CORE's EtherCAT Master (Port XF50) is connected to the ctrlX I/O EtherCAT bus coupler (port IN XF25).

The coupler is connected to a 16 DI and 16 DO module.

From the EtherCAT bus coupler (port OUT XF26) I connect it to the multi-ethernet port of a CytroPac (Premium) via a LAN cable.

Before I connect the CytroPac to the EC coupler, I make sure that I changed the fieldbus communication in IndraWorks DS to EtherCAT and did a reboot.

Next step, I configured the EtherCAT Master from the ctrlX CORE web interface and proceed to add the devices in ctrlX I/O Engineering.

In ctrlX I/O Engineering, I switched online and transferred the field bus configuration.

I did a scan of devices and basically all of the devices were found but there was an error on the xFC01_Rexroth_mode (aka CytroPac): "Wiring error (line crossed)" - Refer to the photos attached

In ctrlX web interface, the EtherCAT Master status stated that the "Topology not OK" and bus is not running.

Anyone can help me on this? My plan is to link all these devices together and create a webIQ HMI that is able to control the CytroPac.

Please help. Thank you!


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What port is it plugged into on the EFC? This is the error I see when plugged into the wrong port.

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Hi joeG.

From CytroPac, it is plugged into port 21X2. CytroPac used is the premium configuration

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When setting up an EtherCAT network with MEP cards, it should be
ensured that
● Ethernet port 1 is used as Input ("IN")
● Ethernet port 2 is used as Output ("OUT")

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Hi JHU1XI1, yes thank you for this