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Barcode Scanner with RS232 or USB with Core X3

Barcode Scanner with RS232 or USB with Core X3



We're planning to use a CtrlX Core X3 PLC for our project. We want to use a handheld barcode scanner from Sick with RS232 or USB interface. Currently ethercat is not an option.

Only solution I've found is to use Node-RED. So, I wanted to ask if there is an easier or a standart solution for this issue? Or maybe a spesific brand of barcode reader for a straight forward implementation?

You can find the links for barcode scanners below. Thank you for your support.



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Community Moderator

Hi akrosis,

you can also read the scanner directly into the plc.

Please see this thread:
Solved: USB RS232 adapter (



Many customer i know are using node-red to implement this solution. Even if the barcode scanner is over TCP-IP. There could be the option to use the PLC but it is also a not official solution. See:


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See this how-to: Barcode scanner with Node-RED/PLC via ctrlX CORE u... (

Part B) Realisation with PLC.

Used an almost identical solution with a Datalogic GD4132-scanner configured in RS232 mode succesfully. 


First of all, thank you everyone for sharing your inputs. Unfortunately, we haven't able to get data from scanner. 

It works fine when I connect it to my and my colleague's PCs and check with serial comm. listener (hercules).

But even if we tried both RedNode and PLC options from the link below we couldn't get answer. Only thing is in rednode we could see it's connected, but thats all. We tried changing every setting, both from PLC code and barcode scanner itself, but didn't make difference. You can see some images in attachment.

We didn't change anything from code that's been provided in below link.  We also tried with another brand scanner and ended up with same results.

So, any of you have an idea with whats we are doing wrong?


Thank you.


Please disable NODE-RED when using plc and vice versa. Otherwise you whould have a strange bahavior. Can you post me the node-red json? I give a look!

Ps if you remove it it goes to disconnected?

Mauro 🙂

Hello Mauro,

Thanks for replying. You can find the json file in txt format in attachment. 

Yes it immediatly goes to not connected state, with some errors. When I plug it back, it just goes to connected again, without doing anything. 

I've tried when PLC was in Service and Setup modes, didn't affect.