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Virtual Control and VPN at the same time

Virtual Control and VPN at the same time

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Community Moderator

I have the problem, that I can't start the virtual control when I'm outside the company and use a VPN connection. Does anyone know a solution to this problem?


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Community Moderator

Actually the only solution is to disconnect and disable our VPN Client (end program). When only disconnecting the VPN will suppress an additional network.

So in the moment it is not possible to be connected via VPN and run a virtual control at the same time. There will be an fix in the future but no release date is know at the moment.

The behaviour is the same when you try to connect a real control with e.g an USB adapter. The VPN does not allow this, because you would connect the Bosch network to the outside world.

With ctrlX Works installation you get also 5 virtual adapters (allows up to 5 virtual controls).

Your virtual control is connected via a virtual cable to the virtual adapter.The high-lighted adapter shows the connection to my virtual control. The other virtual adapters are missing the virtual cable.

After a reboot without using VPN the connection worked on my PC.

I'v got a VPN connection and with the port forwarding and the usage of the Virtual CORE I'm able to do tests with the PLC. The setting you'll find in the attachment.

I'm not sure if this is depend on a specific version (WORKS, Virtual CORE, ...)

After every new VPN connection you perhaps will have a new IP address. This new ip address you'll need inside PLC Engineering.

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Disconnecting and disabling the VPN solves this problem.

@LunatiX Thank you. It worked for me!!