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Problems with CtrlX Works and CtrlX Core

Problems with CtrlX Works and CtrlX Core

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I have a problem with CtrlX Works V1.18. After update to new version take me a lot of errors.  

error 1.jpg

error 2.jpg

Everything was working fine before this upgrade. I also upgraded the CtrlX Core apps. There give me this:

error 3.jpg

error 4.jpg


 Pleace help! 



Community Moderator
Community Moderator

The first pictures indicate that either the ctrlX MOTION / ctrlX PLC app is not running/installed on your ctrlX CORE or the CXA_Motion library is missing in your PLC project.

The last ones indicates, that your ctrlX PLC app is not running properly.

Could you send us a system report so we can see the error log and the installed version of all apps?
generate system reportgenerate system report

Thanks for fast answer!

I attach report.

The Motion app is disable, becouce I have no license for it.

I haven't used any library in the project yet, why is it looking for them then. I didn't have these problems before the upgrade. I've poked around the libraries to see what's in them, but I haven't used them.



After I remove motion library result was:

error 6.jpg

At the same time, when starting CtrlX Core, it throws an error:

error 5.jpg

In your system report we can see that all of your apps on the ctrlX CORE are still version 1.16. Please also update them to version 1.18 so they are fitting to the version of your target in the ctrlX PLC Engineering project and so the library versions. See collaboration room to get them and see release notes how to update.

The topic with the scheduler is known when a system is updated from an older version to 1.16 or newer. Please see this thread how to get rid of it.

Thank you for your cooperation! I didn't realize it was so important that the device and program versions were the same.

All that was left for me was to solve the problem with the error when starting the controller.