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Node-RED "Data Layer Subscribe" node issue

Node-RED "Data Layer Subscribe" node issue

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I have observed an issue with Node-RED "Data Layer Subscibe" node. In my case, the Node-RED is subscribing to a true/false condition from the datalayer and sending an update to cloud either when there is a change in condition or after every minute. The "Data Layer Subscribe" node didn't push the event during the change in specified variable state. Below are some of my observations regarding this issue.

  • The "Data Layer Subscribe" node was not triggering an event even after the change in variable's true/false condition. 
  • Node-RED as an app was working well with other part of project. Such as periodically sending the updates of the same variable from datalayer using "Data Layer Request" node after every minute, etc. 
  • This issue is observed for the first time. From the past few days, neither ctrlX CORE nor Node-RED were restarted. May be there is some timeout issue with "Data Layer Subscribe" node?
  • This error was cleared after I selected "Deploy" option in Node-RED. There was no change in the Node-RED program. I just moved a node to make the "Deploy" option visible for a fresh start.

I'll check if the issue re-appears after few days. I am using Node-RED version 1.12.4+2.2.2-ctrlx. Please let me know if someone encounters the same issue. Many thanks



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Can you check the diagnostic log when this happens? Is there any information from the node-red snap when this happens?


I would suggest trying the latest version of Node-RED (1.20) and the latest node-red-contrib-ctrlx-automation nodes (v.1.8.19) if you don't have some other reason not to update. I'm not seeing the issue you described specifically in the release notes, but it is possible this was addressed in an update.

Do you recieve any error in the Node-RED debug console? Is it a single state change that is missed by the subscribe node, or is every state change not detected once the error occurs?

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Community Moderator

@Akseer Any news here? is this still an issue? Or can this topic be closed?

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I have checked this issue after some time.
It was only a one-time problem. No specific reason was found, and the issue was resolved after selecting the Deploy option in Node-RED. Thanks