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ctrlX SAFETY training equipment recommendation

ctrlX SAFETY training equipment recommendation

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Here is a question of a colleague, that I would like to transfer to the community, since we want to share it this way:

" ...

Hi ,

I hope you are well and thank you for the presentation today. Part of my role is to provide technical support to the sales team here in the UK, I am also the AE (EDC) training manager.

I have been tasked by my manager, ..., to learn more about the SAFETY so I can train them and deliver demonstrations for them. Can you tell me what you think I need for equipment and can I run it as stand-alone easily as I don’t have a ctrlX DRIVE at the moment. I saw that it is possible to connect to the IndraDrive and I have plenty of these.

Did I understand correctly that this will be ready to show properly to the customers in Q1 2021?

Best regards,



Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hello ...,

thanks for the question, that we will ( with within the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community.

ctrlX SAFETY is ready-to-sell by end of the month, say RM20.11. (Nov. 30th 2020)

As I showed it can be sold then

  • with STO on ctrlX DRIVE (T0) to be activated by I/O
  • with SMO on IndraDrive V2 to be activated with FSoE

With RM21.03 (say: March 31st 2021) there will be

  • SMO on ctrlX DRIVE (M5) to be activated via ctrlX SAFETYlink

Of course you can order starting with Dec. 1st 2020, the ctrlX SAFETY controllers and they can be used stand-alone using the ctrlX SAFETY Engineering.

Please be informed that DC-AE/SVC Training will also start to develop product training for ctrlX SAFETY. Please stay synchronized and share the ressources with them. There is no trial set defined yet, but you should start with

  • a ctrlX CORE (EtherCAT-Master)
  • a SAFEX-C.12 at least
  • a ctrlX DRIVE (STO, T0)
  • and an IndraDrive V2 with SMO


Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

The ctrlX SAFETY Team