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Is there a direct ethernet connection to the SafeX possible beside the USB-C ?

Is there a direct ethernet connection to the SafeX possible beside the USB-C ?

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With ctrlX safety Engineering, can we for example connect to the SafeX over a ethernet connection or is the USB mandatory ?

The SafeX-C.12 has only Ethercat for FSoE, if you don't use this I think it can't be used for Ethernet. 

The SafeX-C.15 has beside the Ethercat also other ports which might be used in this occasion. But I cannot find a proper explanation in the documentaton.

Therefore my question. If I have a standalone SafeX, can I connect my computer with ctlrX safety engineering over ethernet to this device? 


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Hello Pinball,

indeed the engineering connection matrix looks like this:

  USB (Serial) Eth1: EtherCAT EoE (TCP/IP) Eth2: Ethernet / Profinet IO (TCP/IP)
SAFEX-C.12 X X -


Consequently a direct Ethernet communication is only possible on Eth2 of the SAFEX-C.15.

Technically possible is also the replacement of the EtherCAT functionality on Eth1 by Standard-Ethernet (e.g. to support Engineering and SMMC (Safe-Master-to-Master-Communication), but there are only number of requirements and consequently no schedule for this. This is especially advantageous for Standalone or simple applications.

Please pay attention: Often you need some data out of the safety application. At the moment this information can be only provided via the functional data interface of fieldbus protocols EtherCAT and Profinet.

If there is an application for a SAFEX-C.12, please discuss it with us!


Your ctrlX SAFETY Team

Do we have a HowTo how to configure in the C15 the TCP/IP.

I do not get it working. Or do we need a Virtual Machine for this (within Bosch)? I read something about that.

If I have a SafeX C15 Stand alone (and No Profinet)

Can I connect to the C15 directly like the shown picture?




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Community Moderator

Hello PinBall,

first - the products are called SAFEX-C.12 and SAFEX-C.15, neither SafeX nor Safex-C or any other derivation. Using other than the official names can produce irritations and wrong answers.

second - USB connection is no Ethernet but USB-to-Serial.

The engineering connection means ctrlX SAFETY Engineering on your PC connected to the SAFEX-C.1x device to send a configuration or apply debug or diagnostic actions or any other online action.

Eth1 provides only EtherCAT. TCP/IP Engineering works only if EtherCAT is active and EoE is configured, including IP-Forwarding applied to the ctrlX CORE's Ethernet interfaces ene0 (engineering port) eoe0 (EoE virtual adapter).

Eth2 (only available on SAFEX-C.15) provides TCP/IP connection (for engineering and SMMC) starting with change index AF1 and Firmware, even without Profinet running (and without Profinet's address assigning mechanism), since SMMC is running with/without Profinet.

Your last question can be easily answered. But the answer is given in previous statements of this reply. Just try to connect the ctrlX SAFETY Engineering via the Eth2 of your SAFEX-C.15 and you'll see.

ATTENTION: Please do the first touch with USB to set the right IP-address for your network. If I'm right the default is subnet mask




Your ctrlX SAFETY team

Beware to have at least Firmware as mentioned by AllAutomation.

I had an early release where it was still not implemented.

Today i tried it with a system WITHOUT profinet. So as in the picture above. But is did not work. Must the profinet run ? On my side the profinet is not used, I just want to use the ethernet port for remote connection.

I used default ip adress with port 32000 as in the how to document (with Profinet). 


There is no way to connect. Direct connection to the XF31 port does not work, I have to put a router in between.

If I ping the device, it only pings for a limited time ?!>?


Where is the how to for direct connection to the safeX C15. Or what do I do wrong ?


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Hello Wizard,

  • Ethernet via Standard TCP connection from Laptop directly to SAFEX-C.1x is not possible to the primary and secondary Ethernet.
  • Two different Ethernet connections are possible when the fieldbusses are running:
    1. EtherCAT on primary port XF28/29 connected to a CORE control. --> EoE connection via the CORE is possible
    refer HowTo: ctrlX Safety Engineering remote access to SAFEX-C1x via EoE (Engineering over Ethercat) 
    (for Bosch Rexxroth Laptop in Bosch-Networks the following command has to be set additional to the route:
    netsh int tcp set global timestamps=disabled)
    2. Ethernet connection via PROFINET interface on secondary port XF30/31. The IP-channel has to be configured in the PN-Controller
    refer HowTo: ctrlX SAFETY Engineering remote access to SAFEX-C.15 via Profinet 

please give me a call