ctrlX Safety Engineering remote access to SAFEX-C1x via EoE (Engineering over Ethercat)

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This is a short step by step description for ctrlX SAFETY engineering remote access via EoE (Ethernet over Ethercat). Step 10 is just for member of the BOSCH Group and can be skipped by customer.


Example TopologyExample Topology


Step 1: Check IP adress of ctrlX CORE

Check IP-Adress of ctrlX CORECheck IP-Adress of ctrlX CORE

Step 2: Activate Virtual Ethernet port of the Ethercat master in EoE tab

Activate the Ethernet port of the EtherCAT-MasterActivate the Ethernet port of the EtherCAT-Master

Step 3: Activate Virtual Ethernet port of the SAFEX in EoE tab

Activate Virtual Ethernet port of the SAFEXActivate Virtual Ethernet port of the SAFEX

Step 4: Download the configuration into ctrlX CORE

Download the configuration into ctrlX COREDownload the configuration into ctrlX CORE

Step 5: Check the Bus overview, the State must be OP

Check the Bus overviewCheck the Bus overview

Step 6: Enable IP forwarding for EoE0

Enable IP forwarding for EoE0Enable IP forwarding for EoE0

Step 7: Enable IP forwarding of XF10

Enable IP forwarding of XF10Enable IP forwarding of XF10

Step 8: Check your Network adapter

Check your Network adapterCheck your Network adapter

Step 9: Start the cmd as admin

Start the cmd window as adminStart the cmd window as admin

Step 10: Disable timestamps

Disable timestampsDisable timestamps

This is necessary in Bosch-Network:

netsh int tcp set global timestamps=disabled


netsh int tcp set global timestamps=enabled

Step 11: Add a route

Add a routeAdd a route

route add MASK

or for a permanent route

route add -p MASK

Step 12 Check the route with route print

Check the routeCheck the route

Reult of route printReult of route print

Step 13: Ping the IP adress of the SAFEX


Step 14: Activate Ethernet in Connection Settings of ctrlX SAFETY Engineering

Fullfill the IP adress

Activate Ethernet in Connection Settings of ctrlX SAFETYActivate Ethernet in Connection Settings of ctrlX SAFETY

Step 15: Connect the SAFFEX

Connect the SAFFEXConnect the SAFFEX

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