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Interconnect zone bus with ctrlX SAFETYlink?

Community Moderator

Interconnect zone bus with ctrlX SAFETYlink?

During a training session, the following question has been rised:

Is it possible to connect the IndraDrive zone bus to ctrlX ?

Same connectors?

Community Moderator

Re: Interconnect zone bus with ctrlX SAFETYlink?

IMPORTANT: Zonebus and ctrlX SAFETYlink are totally different communication systems. HSZ01 and SAFEX-C.1x are not comparable. First is a powerfull I/O extension, but SAFEX-C.1x is a full controller with SafeLogic, safe fieldbus and much more ease-of-use in programming.

Please use the different names although the SafeMotion still names the related stuff "zonebus", since in the SafeMotion there is not much difference between IndraDrive V2 SMO and ctrlX DRIVEplus SMO! Of course the functionality on the application level is very much similar to the zonebus functionality.

YES, they are using the same sockets and the same cables RKB0061 and RKB0062.

YES, the functionality both systems provide are very very similar - by intention. We wanted the same plug'n'play experience in the beginning that keeps the user free from changing safety addresses and changing programs or parameter sets with differing number of drives/slaves.

YES, we have foreseen the risk of damage, when users interconnect

  • either an IndraDrive V2 with a SAFEX-C.1x
  • or a ctrlX DRIVE with HSZ01.

We have checked that.

YES, no damage shall appear when wrongly interconnecting between generations. It will just not work.

YES, we thought a lot about that, before we made this decision of an incompatible successor to the zonebus. The advantages are

  • The implementation is a much simpler hardware.
  • There are only 2 wires needed for the UART-based serial communication, that makes it easier to integrate it into further hardware concepts.
  • It is a future-proof concept, since all the communication is done in software, a major difference to the ZACK and ZERR accumulation with the zonebus (where the master was not in the controller but in the last drive). By this measure we are able to extend the ctrlX SAFETYlink towards individual signal exchange (OK, at the price of more efforts in commissioning) and build a fast and more flexible cross-product solution of SafeLogic and SafeMotion on the lowest level.

Best regards

The ctrlX SAFETY Team