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How to encryption safety PLC Code and How to use Safety Controller SD-Card?

How to encryption safety PLC Code and How to use Safety Controller SD-Card?

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Hello Ctrlx Team

I have a question,I want to know how to encryption safety PLC Code?

Also I want to know what does it do when Safety Controller Sd-Card  be used?

please see the picture.


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hello Max1

what is the requirement behind the functionality of encryption? We typically start a discussion from the requirement, that leads us to a solution.

Please check out the programming manual of the SAFEX-C.1x in the media directory how to handle the configuration/application.

There is no encryption to the application code (at least how I understand the purpose) except that the function blocks are compiled into a binary code that is protected by a CRC against manipulation. The code cannot be reengineered easily and debugging through ctrlX SAFETY Engineering is only possible with the source code of configuration/application.

In current versions of the firmware and ctrlX SAFETY Engineering, the µSD-Card is not supported yet.

If you check the Installation Manual, you see that the planned purpose is

  • Store a configuration/application from PC - to SAFEX-C.1x controller and its µSD-card.
  • Serial commissioning (PC-less transfer/load of a configuration/application) to one or several SAFEX-C.1x controllers
  • Firmware update (PC-less, including individual KeyFile, but faster than through ctrlX SAFETY Engineering)



ctrlX SAFETY Team

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1、Is there possible to forbid others to see the application code,If Some Guys wants to see the application code there need to enter password?

2、What does that mean:'In current versions of the firmware and ctrlX SAFETY Engineering, the µSD-Card is not supported yet.'

.We can't stored safety configuration/application as a file to it's safety µSD-card through safety engineering directly?

.If safety µSD-card inclould safety configuration/application,when the safety controller running,it will read µSD-card configuration/application by automatic?


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hello Max1,

1. There is a user management in preparation, that allows to restrict manipulation of the configuration/program either globally to three different levels and apply these user rights to every function block.

2. Currently the ctrlX SAFETY Engineering Software is the only way to send a configuation to the Controller. A second way to install a configuration from the µSD card as a PC-less way is in preparation as well. The installation is not done automatically of course, but runs through various checks and through a confirmation via the function button at the front.

Your ctrlX SAFETY team

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Hello ctrlX SAFETY Team

So,if my understanding is correct,In my project at current versions of the firmware and ctrlX SAFETY Engineering,I can't used user management.and at current versions of the firmware and ctrlX SAFETY Engineering it is not possible to encryption for application code ?

So i want to know if my understanding is right or not? Thanks.


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Hi @Max1,

Sorry for the delay, yes you understand correctly. In your current version there is no way to update the configuration of SAFEX-C.1x without sharing the original project file.

The next release includes some of the features mentioned by @AllAutomation. You will be able to:

  • Update configuration via Micro SD Card, sharing only the .TOC file (cannot be reverse engineered)
  • Lock SAFEX-C.1x configuration with a password, blocking updates from unauthorized users.


Please look forward to it,