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Different SAFEX Connectors?

Different SAFEX Connectors?

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We have a customer that has a SAFEXC12 and he has the output connector broken,

We have ordered new connectors following this reference XACC-3-CSRTB12_L (R911410768)

The problem is that when we try to plug the new connectors it does not fit in the SAFEX, this SAFEX is one of the first ones so we do not know if the connectors should be the same? Or maybe should I order different connectors?

Please let me know how should I need to proceed,





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you choosed the right RTBs XACC-3-CSRTB12_L (R911410768) for a safex-C.12 if the ChangeIndex on the Typeshield is between AA1 and AD1.

This RTBs and housings have been very thight during the first year of production.

      Q: 1. Can you describe at which point the RTBs does not fit into the SAFEX-C.12 ?

You can see that there is a slightly difference of the RTBs in your picture, cause at the left one semms to have a off cutted - mechanical coding feature. ChrM_1-1699952068193.png

This is in the RTB plugs integrated that you can not exchange the RTBs to another place in the SAFEX.


      Q: 2. Which one is the Original one and which is the new ordered Sparepart?

      Q 3. Can you send us a photo of the frontview of the SAFEX-C.12 without plugged RTBs - that we can see the circuit board?
Maybe there is the slot for the mechanical coding feature missed.

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Hello Chrm

The HW version is AB1 so it should work


1 At this point is when the connector does not fit



2 Left side original, right side new spare part

3 Attached photo



Many thanks

Hello @ericvergara and @ChrM ,

I do not see any reason, why the connector should not fit.

  • The coding element is at the same place with both XG31 connectors. The difference, that @ChrM saw, is just due to perspective, I think.
  • The view to the contacts of the new connector does not show any kind of damage.
  • The PCB in slot XG31 does not show any damage, either. (Q. 3)

Looking at the picture of answer to Q. 1: I'd say that the connector is blocked at a larger angle than I would expect. I'd check that the RTB Connector is sitting perfectly in his lower bearing (cylindric form element and pivot point of RTB). It looks as if it would be blocked at the upper retainer tab element. Please check which obstacle retains the RTB from latching! I expect that one feels it, when trying to latch.

If @ChrM's or my answer helped to solve the problem, please mark the answer as "Solution"! Thank you in advance.

Your ctrlX SAFETY Team

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Hello @AllAutomation ,

The customer has sent me the SAFEX and the connectors and I am also not able to plug the connectors,

I have been trying but the connectors do not fit, I do not why as the pictures the connectors look exactly the same, I have also tried with the "old" connectors and they fit perfectly,

If you want I can send the connectors or maybe ask for an exchange,

Thank you,

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Hello Eric,
please send the SAFEX-C.12 to the service department for analyzation and repair. You got an e-mail with the necessary information. TechPost is set to the Serial number 7260120000281DJ.