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C12 blue LED on bootup

C12 blue LED on bootup

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Customer has a new C12 that was working for 2 weeks but now has a problem. The main LED turns blue briefly on power up, then turns off and stays off (see video). There is a permanent red light next to Safety Link connectors. We can connect with Safety Engineering but can’t put it in Run, and it just hangs up if we Send Configuration.

Does anyone know what the blue LED indicates? Is it worth trying a firmware update to revive it or must it be sent back for repair?

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Hi Brian,

the control misses the FPGA.


Please send this to repair to Service Department Lohr.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


PS: Don't use the XG32 RTB for rebooting the SAFEX-C.1x ! Switch OFF-ON the 24V Power supply ☝️

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hello @bschmidt !

In principle @ChrM is right. The FPGA-Version is inappropriate for operation. It seems to be stuck during an update.

The FPGA-Version 1 or 0 is displayed during the FPGA-update when the FPGA-Image is loaded from mass storage to the FPGA configuration prom after the first POR. This sequence ends with display of the original FPGA-Version. The updated FPGA-Version is only loaded into the FPGA after the second POR. The second POR is only allowed as soon as display changed from 0 or 1 to the original FPGA-Version.

We can try to send the FPGA-Firmware again. Please send the type plate or use the ctrlX AUTOMATION Support dashboard for a KeyFile request.

From original

  • FW
  • FPGA 211 (is not important)

to target

  • FW
  • FPGA 211

Best regards

Your ctrlX SAFETY Team

Thank you @ChrM and @AllAutomation. We had already instructed the customer to send it back to Rexroth for repair. I'm not sure if it automatically goes back to Lohr but I will request this in case something can be learned.

Best regards,


I was given the  SafexC-12  from Material Control. Here is the typeplate image.

@bschmidt  is sending me the Key to get it going 🤞.

Tried to do Reload of FW - FPGA 211 as @AllAutomation suggested. Can connect and it tries to load the FPGA but stops quickly.

Should this get sent back to Service to look at and see why the FPGA was lost

Hello @Cloggy13 ,

Yes, if the firmware-update fails there is no other way than to sent it back and request appraisal and cost-free Soft-Repair (say update to V1.0.1.45-212).

BTW: To avoid any kind of confusion, the correct names should be used: SAFEX-C.12 and ctrlX SAFETY Engineering. Thank you.

Best regards

The ctrlX SAFETY team