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Create vAxis in ctrlX?

Create vAxis in ctrlX?

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This questionmight be better placed in the I/O or Motion sub-forums.

In Indraworks one is able to create a virtual axis or virtual encoder and implement it essentially the same as a real axis or encoder. How would I create a virtual axis in ctrlX?


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Community Moderator

In the motion app of the ctrlX CORE your are able to create axis. This axis are all "virtual" axis running at the CORE. To get a "real" axis moving you have to connect this virtual axis via axis profile to a ethercat drive. If you have done this the virtual axis of the Motion app will move the real ethercat drive.

So there is no need anymore to divide into virtual or real axis at the ctrlX CORE.  

Can you elaborate?

Let's say I have a real axis that I want my virtual to sync to. I then want to be able to sync other axis to this virtual axis (a virtual master).

Before, I would have vAxis 1 synced to Motor A, and then could sync Motor B and Motor C to vAxis 1. (Motor A -> vAxis1 -> Motor B and C)

In the new system, would I have multiple axis connected to the same profile? Would multiple drives have one axis? What should my new system configuration look like?

Only one motion axis can be connected via one axis profile to one drive at the ethercat.

At the moment the sync motion functionality is still in development and will be released in the coming release milestones. The syncing will be done on the motion side similar like known from the MLC/MTX. So you will have to wait for it to get further information how to do this.

The only coupling possible at the moment is a gantry see online docu for the usage via REST or CXA_MOTIONINTERFACE in the PLC.