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Motion App not Working

Motion App not Working

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Hello everyone,

I have a ctrlx Drive with built-in ctrlX Core and a Rexroth motor with linear axis connected to it.
I am using ctrlX OS version 2.4, as well as all apps in version 2.4.x. (Motion 2.4.3, PLC 2.4.0, Ethercat 2.4.0, etc.). The appropriate ctrlX DRIVE Runtime in version 05RS is also installed.

The setup of the linear axis via ctrlX Drive worked without any problems and it can also be moved via the Easy-Start-Up mode.
Now I wanted to control the linear axis via the PLC and configured the Motion App for this. I also created an axis profile with the appropriate fieldbus address and checked the mapping of the variables.


   position *| ctrlX_DRIVE_XCS_SoE_/AT.Position_feedback_value_1
   statusword *| ctrlX_DRIVE_XCS_SoE_/AT.Drive_status_word
   controlword * | ctrlX_DRIVE_XCS_SoE_/MDT.Master_control_word
   position * | ctrlX_DRIVE_XCS_SoE_/MDT.Position_command_value


I then created the axis under "Axes" and transferred the appropriate parameters to General/Limits and units.
I then transferred the motion app to the Running state and the system handler reports the Operating state.

Everything fine so far, but when I now try to control the axis via Commissioning, nothing happens. I can operate the interface (switch power on/off, jogging etc.) and also see how the position/speed and state values change, but the real axis does not react. 

In addition, the axis position does not match the encoder values that I see in ctrlx Drive. The commissioning always starts at position 0.0 and seems to have no connection to the actual position as well as all other variables in the mapping.
In the data layer, however, I can see the correct transmission of the position values: "fieldbuses/ethercat/master/instances/ethercatmaster/realtime_data/input/data/ctrlX_DRIVE_XCS_SoE_/AT.Position_feedback_value_1".

I have the assumption that something is not working properly with the access to the data layer data and I have the assumption that I cannot control the axis via the PLC without fixing this problem.

I also noticed in ctrlx engeneering that the PLC also seems to have a problem accessing the data layer:
Screenshot 2024-02-22 181758.png

I would appreciate any helpful input.



Community Moderator
Community Moderator

I guess you forgot to connect the axis profile to your axis object:

ctrlX web UI - assigning axis profile to motion axisctrlX web UI - assigning axis profile to motion axis

oh yes that was the mistake, thanks for the quick reply!