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AxisProfile error after update to RM22.03

AxisProfile error after update to RM22.03



I am testing a 3 axis system of Indradrive Cs with MSM motors on a CtrlX core. I was previously on RM21.11 and was running the axes just fine, then I upgraded the system apps and other apps including Motion to RM22.03. Once I did that, I was unable to get the Motion app to leave Configuration mode if I had an Axis Profile added to the system. The error I would receive is that the Axis Profile was unable to read the encoder and would fault with a state error. If I removed the Axis Profiles from the Motion app, then I could go into Running mode with no issue. I retried making the Axis Profiles and mapping the position and status/control words to the correct locations, but I was still getting this problem as soon as I create the axis profile.

I have currently revved the Motion app back down to V1.12.5 and I'm able to run the system again. So I think the issue is specifically related to the Motion App but I don't know if I need to change my EtherCAT mailboxes to work with 1.14 or not.

The drives are FW 20V26 running in SoE profile mode.


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In order to check more detail for the phenomenon, can you offer a screen shot of the apps installed on the core(both system and application),and also the diagnostics information in log book?


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Hello stephenOtis,

I also use a ID Cs under my core. Also after update to RM22.03 the setup is running.

I did the following steps:

- setup a Ethercat configuration and motion axis in RM21.11

- Update base image of core to RM22.03 -> motion app and ethercat is still running

- Update Ethercat app -> motion app and ethercat is still running

- Update Motion app -> motion app and ethercat is still running

I would recommend to check if all system apps are updated - if so i would try to reset the configuration (app data) after update and reconfigure your IO configuration and motion setup.


Thanks for the help, but I'm still having an issue. I went ahead and tested downgrading to 1.12 and back to 1.14. I then tested 1.14 with a different 2 axis demo which uses MPB and MPC firmware drives with MSK motors. With those drives connected, I'm able to create the axis profiles in teh motion app and go into running mode with no issue.

I then went back to the system I'm testing which has 3 MPE firmware drives with MSM motors, and I still have the issue where I'm getting an Axis Profile error when I try to switch the motion app to running. If I downrev to 1.12 on this particular system, I can get it to work. So it appears that the issue is tied to this combination of hardware somehow. What's strange is that I don't even have to have the axis profiles tied to an axis on the system, it just has to exist and have the ethercat data links and I get the axis profile errors.


System log is attached below as well. Any help is appreciated.


EDIT: I was able to test an MPB drive with MSM motor on my Motion v1.14, and that was working with the Axis Profile. So I think the issue is specifically with the MPE drive variation and not the MSM motors.


Is there any update on this? Can anyone duplicate what I am seeing here with my MPE drives on RM22.03? At the moment I am looking to try and get replacement MPB drives to swap into this project in order to keep moving forward, but if there is another solution that would be simpler.

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I've checked the log information and drive manual.

According to the manual, MPE drive seems don't have definition of S-0-0115 under firmware v20, so the warning information of encoder appear, but it won't sever the booting procedure of axisprofile.


Considering it works for MPB drive, I deduce that there are some parameter settings in the drive that would cause the difference.

Furthermore, there are still some information hidden behind the booting procedure.

In order to catch more detail information from log file, here are two extra setting before export the log:

step1: select axisprofile trace information on data layer



step2: trigger the error.

step3: export the log.

Once the detail error information uploaded, we can check it more detail.



Thanks for checking on this issue. It is very strange and I hope to find a resolution. Attached is the new system log with axisprofile trace enabled before I trigger the fault.


Please let me know if you find anything.

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Thanks for the log information. 

I have checked the error inforamtion.

When switch configuration to running state, system will check both first and second encoder information mandatoryly, for MPB it's ok, but for MPE just have one encoder information exist, then it leads to an error.

I think the mandatory check for second encoder should be changed to optional.


I haven't seen any update to this. I see 1.16 was just released, but I don't see anything in the release notes for the Motion app saying this issue was resolved with MPE Indradrives and the CtrlX Core functioning. Can anyone confirm if this is resolved in 1.16 or is still an open issue? Is there a solution to get MPE drives to work with CtrlX?

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Hello ,

This problem has been solved for MPE in 1.16.

If there are new information about this, please contact me.