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Axis start in State "standstill_pending"

Axis start in State "standstill_pending"

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Why is my axis always starting in Standstill_pending state? Even though I give command for Mode AB or MovePosABS?

I might do something wrong with the start up of the axis. How can I bypass the standstill_pending state? 


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

You cannot bypass "standstill_pending" as it is part of the state machine of motion object that needs to be gone through.

Some more information about your setup are interesting:

  • System report can be created for general information (see how to)
    • Which verison of system apps and ctrlX MOTION is used? (system report can be created for that information see how to)
    • Are there any errors shown?
    • For deep analysy:
      • What does the ctrlC MOTON and axisprofile traces say?
      • Which steps are done before state is reached (e.g. commands)?
  • What are the settings (e.g. axis type) of the axis?
  • What is general status of the ctrlX MOTION and axisprofiles in error state?
  • Are axisprofiles and so real axis involved?
    • What is the fieldbus status?


I found out that when I reset the emergency circuit bofore CORE is fully operational after startup the motion state will go in Standstill. If i reset after operational the state will be standstill_pending. Reset emergency circuit = phase to the drive and STO set accordinly

In the attachment the system report, just after the start up of the CORE without reset ES circuit and the system report with reset ES circuit. When the PLC starts i try to put the axis in ModeAB and the current position is his new 0 position. Those are the main commands send to the axis. 
The error shown after startup: 


Axis type is Absolute Rotational and Ethercat bus is in OP and running. 




my gut says it is because I am trying to reference the motor without it having voltage.

So could you now get it to run?