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XB-EC-12 Commissioning

XB-EC-12 Commissioning

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I wish to use a XB-EC-12 with few IO as EtherCat slave with a Beckhoff PLC.
I have few questions:

1. Where can I find the related ESI file ?
(the documentation send to but there is no ESI download, only youtube and configurator links)

I tried a ESI found on a github repo but,
in TwinCat3 when online if I see moving data about voltage or other I do not see any data related to IO.
The leds on XB remain solid red

2. Should I use a software to build a configuration and then transfert it to the XB-EC-12 ? 

In attachement you can find a picture of the device and the TwinCat3 tree
Thanks in adavance 🙂


Community Moderator
Community Moderator
  1. On the page you mentioned there is also the ESI file in the download area. This file should include descriptions for all ctrlX ctrlX IO ESI ctrlX IO ESI file

  2. Transferring a configuration is normally done via the EtherCat master and so creating it should be possible by using its standard tool.



Once you installed the ESI files (see codeshepards reply) the IO modules shall work within TwinCAT. You don't need any other software for configuration.

All LEDs are red because periphery power is not connected. Once you connected 24V UP it should work.

See documentation here:

The data you see in the picture is the voltage and current of UL, so this is the data measured in bus coupler itself. The DI and DO modules are shown as seperate "boxes" below the "Box 6". There you'll find the I/O data of DI and DO module.

Does this work for you?


New Poster

All is ok.
Thank you very much both for quick answers and support.

Have a nice day !