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Web Station - Security Warning

Web Station - Security Warning

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When initially accessing a WebIQ visualization on a WR21 panel via the Web Station app a security warning will display. I believe this is casued by a certificate issue, which is discussed in this post. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any way to eliminate the warning by importing a certificate into the Web Station app like you can with Chrome.

Is there some method to bypass this that I'm not aware of? If not, are there plans to address this in subsequent versions of the Web Station app/panel firmware?


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Please have a look to the "How to make an HTTPS connection with ctrlX OS Web Server". We will add some instructions for adding certificates to the Android OS.

I have followed the guide and added a certificate to the Android OS, but this has not seemed to change anything. I don't believe this is related to WebIQ at all, as I get the same "Security Warn: SSL certificate authentication failed, continue loading?" message in the WebStation app if I just try to access the ctrlX web UI. It's possible I'm doing something incorrect while trying to add the certificate, however I've generated it twice and tried every method of adding it I can think of. In the "Trusted credentials" section of the panel settings it shows my certificate. I've added the same certificate to Chrome on my PC and it now says I have a secure connection to the ctrlX web UI.

You are right, that has nothing to to with WebIQ but is a standard web technology security feature, it warns you if you possibly do not like to trust an encrypted connection.

While my tests with Android it always told me after importing the certificate that it still needs to be trusted. In my case I was not able because the button to trust was always overlapped by the open certificate. Can you confirm that it is not only imported but trusted?

I'm not seeing an option to trust the certificate anywhere. However, it does show up under the 'Trusted Credentials > User' section. So maybe it's trusted automatically? There is a notification that I can see in the system dropdown menu that says a cert was installed by a 3rd party. When I click it, it says "Trust or remove certificate" but doesn't give me the option to trust.

It seems you are at the same state that we encountered, clicking the certificate in the trusted list opens the trust dialogue and at the same time the certificate itself. I currently cannot give you a solution for that but will try to get some more information.