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WR21 Browser

WR21 Browser

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Is there a way to install any other browser to this panel? Seems that it is not possible to get Chromium to full screen mode and the WebView cannot open node-red dashboards. 

Or if the full screen mode is possible, how it is done?


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Hi Lauri, i use Kiosk Setting launch app > lock & launch webstation app to have full screen mode. 

However currently there is an issue when you switch on ctrlX and WR21 at the same time, the HMI will boot faster than the ctrlX which causes the HMI not to have connection to the ctrlX.

I just setup the kiosk workstation but noticed that some of my images and such scaled when viewing in this mode. I am not a html5 guy yet. So I am sure that I have my project not optimized as i should but the scaling issue doesn't show any time else except when using the workstation mode. Do I just need to adjust my project and figure it out that way or is there some setting that I am missing in the workstion on the Webpanel?

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yes, thats the only way for full screen mode because Chromium does not support it to have full screen mode. Another browser is not possible due to liscencing because they are not open source like Chromium.

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with which tool have you did your HMI solution? WebIQ, Java, Nodered, ...?



I also have the same problems. Chromium cannot be full screen, and my very simple WebIq designer is not displayed perfectly with webstation app.
The most simple gauges and bargraphs lost their labels and so. I think its quite urgent.

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WebIQ currently requires at least Chrome 78 (for reference: the current Chrome version is 112) - in another post we learned that the WR21 panel used there utilizes Chrome 74 when using the Android browser/app/....

This means that the HMI is not guaranteed to work and even though your HMI might be working on that version if you do not use certain widgets this can break with later versions of WebIQ also as we require at least version 78 currently.

I don't know the reason why you cannot launch Chromium in kiosk mode on the panel, but by default Chromium supports kiosk mode utilizing the --kiosk command line parameter: