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WebIQ not working in Kiosk mode

WebIQ not working in Kiosk mode

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My WebIQ project works fine using Chromium on WR21 but when I switch to Kiosk Mode (different browser) the OPC-UA variables don't update. My WR panel is new from Germany, but I'm not sure what firmware it has. How do I check?

PLC and WebIQ projects attached.


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Ok, today I dug deeper into this. The problem seems to be that the Radial Gauge Widget does not work on the WebView Shell app on the WR panel. 

I made a WebIQ application "".

Also, see photos of the gauge in both Chromium and WebViewShell on the WR21 panel.

Linear Gauge works. So does the legacy Widget radial-gauge2.

It must be an issue with the Radial Gauge in WebIQ. I tried to look at the html of the widget but that is too hard for me.

I updated my WebIQ Designer and Server to 2.13.0 from 2.12.1 and added a new gauge widget - no different. 

The Dashboard demo from Smart HMI does not work either. See Live Demos (WebIQ CustomerArea) (


Can an admin please move this to the correct forum?

Can you please provide a screenshot of the attached HMI when opened the same way?

Can you please upload this HMI to your ctrlX, start it and and take a screenshot of the output in the kiosk mode you are using?

Moved complete topic to corresponding sub forum.

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Hi @webiq-sk 

I am away commissioning. I will try it on Wednesday. 

Thanks for your help.

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Hi  @webiq-sk,

 browserid output attached. 

Thank you for providing the information. We can see that the browser is based on Chrome/Chromium 74.
However, WebIQ currently requires at least Chrome 78 (for reference: the current Chrome version is 112)

This means that the HMI is not guaranteed to work and even though your HMI might be working on that version if you do not use certain widgets this can break with later versions of WebIQ also as we require at least version 78 currently.


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I have updated a WR panel to RC4. It seems to have fixed the problem. 

Great, can you please provide the same information on the browser so we know the Chromium version in use on that panel?