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File Access in Kiosk Mode

File Access in Kiosk Mode

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I have a WR21 panel that is running in kiosk mode and connected to a WebIQ visualization hosted on a ctrlX Core. The visualization uses WebIQ's integrated recipe handling, which includes importing and exporting recipe files. This process works fine on the panel's Chromium browser but not in the kiosk mode web viewer. Is this the intended functionality of kiosk mode? I understand the necessity of locking a user out of most OS functionality but I expected file access would be possible, albeit in a more limited manner(maybe just to the 'Downloads' folder?).

If this isn't intended, is there a timeline for adding file IO support for kiosk mode?



"It is critical that the kiosk software prevent the user from ever reaching the desktop or file system."

I can't specifically comment on the WR21 panel or any other panels here, but in general, that is intended behavior for a kiosk system.

So maybe there is a hack available or a custom version for the WR panels?

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Community Moderator

Asw @webiq-sk explained, kiosk mode is designed to not open any OS features. So your topic is to try to give customer more rights in kiosk mode than he is allowed to have.As it is part of our template for Cartesian handling systems version 1.20 (Release planned for end of the month), you could add a file management on your own into the HMI without using the OS explorer.

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is it existing way even for Codesys Webvisu and handling its recipes? It´s quite important feature for the future, I assume.


Hello CodeShepard,

Thank you for the response. I appreciate the heads up about the template for Cartesian handling systems. However, I'm assuming that this or any other recipe management system would run into the same limits with file access. I guess I should reword my original question to focus on how we can have a 'full screen' visualization rather than a 'kiosk' visualization. If we could do this in Chromium on the panels(and do so automatically), that would solve my issue.